Ask An Arborist

Do you have a question about our urban canopy and tree care? Ask one of our certified arborists by emailing

How it Works:

Your questions will be sent to Trees Winnipeg’s team of certified arborists, all of whom are on the board of directors for the organization. Once your question is reviewed, your answer will be sent to you and later added to our FAQS page. As we’re just getting this service up and running, we hope to have your query addressed in under two weeks.

The service is not meant to take the place of a professional arborist. Our certified arborist will not be able to answer questions about questions involving liability issues, trees risk assessment and if it requires an in-person assessment. These questions are best answered by hiring an arborist, for more information on how to find an arborist click here.

Check out our publications and helpful links pages for more informative material on trees.