ReLeaf Tree Planting Program

Spring ReLeaf 2020 is now closed. We would like to thank everyone that ordered a tree or volunteered to make ReLeaf a success! Please, follow us Facebook, Twitter, and/or sign up for our biannual newsletter to keep up to date on our programs including ReLeaf.

“A Gateway to a Million Trees”

ReLeaf is moving forward with the following changes to accommodate social distancing guidelines:

  • In-person planting workshops will be replaced with a video on proper tree planting techniques.
  • Contactless pick up

The ReLeaf Tree Planting Program provides ALL private property owners in Winnipeg with a diverse selection of high-quality trees at an affordable price.  For just $55 each, you’ll receive the tree collection of your choice to assist you in giving your new trees a healthy start.  

At the workshops, a certified arborist will be onsite to give you tips on how to plant and care for your trees in the long term.  Young trees may not see their full lifespan due to improper planting and care.  Attending the workshops will ensure you have the information required to give your trees the best start.

Trees Winnipeg supports the Million Tree Challenge. Let ReLeaf be your gateway to greening our city. All trees planted through ReLeaf will automatically be counted towards the Million Tree Challenge.  The Winnipeg Releaf Program is a collaborative project between Trees Winnipeg and the City of Winnipeg

How Does ReLeaf Work? Joining ReLeaf is Easy!

  1. Choose your favourite tree collection(s) from the downloadable order form. You’re welcome to purchase multiple tree collections — just ensure you have enough space! There are limited quantities of each tree collection. Orders will be fulfilled in the order received.
    • Online Form – Just type in your information and email it back to us
    • Printer-friendly Form – Fill in by hand and send by regular mail
    • Note: a PDF viewer is required for both forms – free to download here
  2. Complete the sign-up form along with your payment information and send to Trees Winnipeg via mail or email —Extended to May 8th, 2020!
    • Email to: (Please note: When your form is complete, save it prior to sending your email).
    • Mail to: Trees Winnipeg, 1539 Waverley Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 4V7
  3. Once your sign-up form and payment are received, Trees Winnipeg will send you an invitation to choose your preferred tree planting workshop session.
  4. While at your tree planting workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to plant and care for your trees from Trees Winnipeg’s qualified staff.  
  5. After your trees are planted and have time to establish, we will come for a quick visit to survey your trees.  In three years once your tree is established, we will randomly select participants to have their trees quickly surveyed.  The surveys will help us evaluate the success of the program and allow us to improve the program for the future.

Why Should We Plant More Trees?

Winnipeg’s urban canopy is under threat by Dutch elm disease and emerald ash borer. Winnipeg is at risk of losing approximately two-thirds of its urban canopy and is currently losing thousands of trees annually.  In 2019, approximately 9,300 elm trees were marked to be removed.  Planting new trees in our own property is a great way to help preserve our iconic green urban canopy, as well as providing the environmental, economic, and social benefits associated with trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the trees when I pick them up? 

Trees vary in size depending on the species and growing conditions.  The approximate height for the tree species available through the ReLeaf program at the time of pick up are:  Discovery Elm (5 feet); Bur Oak, Amur Cork Tree, and European Mountain Ash (3 feet); the smaller shrub-form trees (i.e. Saskatoon Berry,Dark Green Cedar, Royal Amur Crown Maple) range from 12 to 20 inches in height; and the Mugo Pine is 5 inches and the spread is 6-8” wide. 

How do I get my trees home? 

These trees are very easy to transport, and most tree orders fit in a regular-sized car. We’ll have volunteers available at the workshops to help you load up all your trees.  If you have any concerns about transporting your trees, please feel free to call our office in advance at (204) 832-7188. Trees can sometimes be a bit messy, especially if they’ve been recently watered, so we recommend covering your car seat or trunk with a tarp or blanket.

I don’t think I want both trees that come in the package – can I just order one or make substitutions? 

We have committed to a minimum tree order from our suppliers and are therefore unable to offer substitutions.  If you decide at the workshop that you prefer to take only one of the two trees provided, you have the option of donating the remaining tree to Trees Winnipeg.  In previous years, Trees Winnipeg has donated surplus trees to private cemeteries and other properties belonging to non-profits which lack funds for tree planting.

When will the workshops be held and how do I register? 

In early May you’ll receive your invitation with a link to select your preferred workshop time and planting workshops will be held in June. 

Please Note: In light of COVID-19 we are working diligently to develop an alternative workshop and tree distribution. We will be monitoring the progression of COVID-19 to ensure the safety of all participants.

Can I plant these trees on the boulevard? 

Due to their size, these trees are not suitable for city boulevards as they can be easily damaged by vandalism or snow-clearing equipment.  For this reason, the City of Winnipeg has very specific requirements when selecting trees for boulevards.  If you would like to have a tree planted on your boulevard, contact 311 or arrange to pay for the tree planting yourself through a homeowner agreement.

Can I plant these trees outside the city? 

Yes, the ReLeaf program is open to residents of Winnipeg and surrounding areas.  You must attend a workshop in the city to receive your tree(s).  Please note that Trees Winnipeg needs to be notified if trees will not be planted within city limits as trees planted outside Winnipeg will not be counted towards the Million Tree Challenge.