ReLeaf Tree Planting Program

ReLeaf is now closed for the 2017 season – thank you to everyone who participated! Watch for us again in spring 2018!

The ReLeaf Tree Planting Program provides Winnipeg homeowners with quality, affordable trees for your private property, that are just the right size for planting yourself. For just $55 each, you’ll receive the tree collection(s) of your choice, along with all the supplies you need to give your new trees a healthy start. Your trees will be waiting for you at our tree planting workshops at the end of May. At the workshop, you’ll get tips on how to plant and care for your trees in the long term. Once your new trees are planted, we’ll come for a quick visit to survey your trees – this helps us determine if the Winnipeg Releaf Program is successful and helps us improve the program for next year.

The Winnipeg Releaf Program is a collaborative project between Trees Winnipeg and the City of Winnipeg.

Participants learn the pro tips from ISA-Certified Arborists at the ReLeaf Planting Workshops.

Why Should We Plant More Trees?

Recently, Winnipeg has been losing about 5000 elms per year because of Dutch elm disease. Also, new urban forest threats like emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, and Asian longhorn beetle have the potential to destroy thousands of trees if they reach Manitoba. Planting new trees in our own yards is a significant step in preserving our green urban canopy for the future. You don’t need to have lost an elm to participate – any one can sign up for trees for their private property!

How Does Releaf Work? Joining ReLeaf is Easy!

  1. Choose your favorite tree collection(s) from the downloadable order form. You’re welcome to purchase as many as you like so long as all selected trees are planted on your property (make sure you have enough space!).
  2. Fill out your contact information and send your sign-up form and payment information to Trees Winnipeg—2018 deadline TBA!
  3. Once your sign-up form and payment is received, Trees Winnipeg will call or email you an invitation to choose your preferred tree planting workshop session. Workshops will begin at the end of May and run for about a week.
  4. While at your tree planting workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to plant and care for your trees from Trees Winnipeg’s qualified staff. After the workshop, you get to take your tree package home and start planting!
  5. In the fall, Trees Winnipeg staff will visit a randomly-selected list of properties to survey your new trees—this helps us determine if our ReLeaf program is successful and how we can improve for next year.