Tree Care Resources for Homeowners after October Snowstorm:

October 18, 2019 4:55 pm by Lisa Jones

We hope you are staying safe with the hazards that arose from the October snowstorm! Here are some helpful links explaining how to care for the trees on your private property:

Please, remember that some jobs are too big and need to be left to the professional arborist. Ensure ALL tree care providers are qualified arborists. Individuals that are not qualified and educated can result in further damage to your tree. For more information on how to find an arborist visit:

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  • Hi – I know everything is “unsettled” at the moment…..but, IF Arbor Day 2020 proceeds, could you give me the details of how/if the general public can access the tree giveaway, and what supports are available re: planting, care, maintenance? THANKS – Jean

    1. Hi Jean, Unfortunately Arbor Day has been cancelled. The difficult decision was made in response to COVID 19. We are currently working on updating our website and making an announcement to notify the public. We will still be running the Winnipeg ReLeaf tree planting program and are looking into streamlining the pickup process to ensure social distancing. While the trees are not free the cost is heavily subsided at $55 per collection. More information can be found on

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