Winnipeg Forest Watch Program

The Winnipeg Forest Watch Program is our campaign to monitor and raise awareness of invasive species such as the emerald ash borer (EAB). Trees Winnipeg has been monitoring for EAB since 2011. Monitoring for EAB has included deploying sticky traps every summer with help from our partners in order to estimate EAB populations. In November 2017, EAB was detected in Winnipeg. With the  threat of EAB, Trees Winnipeg will be re-launching the Winnipeg Forest Watch surveillance program.

The Winnipeg Forest Watch group will give Winnipeggers the opportunity to play an active role in protecting the urban canopy. Volunteers will complete two neighborhood surveys during the summer months. The first survey will include identifying tree candidates for the City of Winnipeg’s ash tree injection program (survey 1 ash and injection criteria ID  survey 1 sheet). The second survey will be focused on looking for ash trees displaying cottony ash psyllid infestations. The data collected in each survey will be given to the City of Winnipeg to aid the detection and management of EAB in our communities.

Volunteers will receive all required training and materials needed to conduct the surveys. In addition to this, volunteers receive access to exclusive  workshops and the knowledge that they are making a difference for our urban forests.

Would you like to join Winnipeg’s Forest watch?

Please send us your Forest Watch Volunteer Form to

(Note you will need a PDF reader to view forest watch volunteer form – download for free from here)